LETTER: North Saanich councillor wasted time and resources

LETTER: North Saanich councillor wasted time and resources

I found myself musing about the resignation of Joscelyn Barnard so soon after being elected by acclimation to council.

I have no idea what so ever as to the veracity of any of her claims as to why she resigned but a few thoughts did cross my mind.

First of all, what were your expectations Ms. Barnard? After so many years with many of the same gang why would you expect some form of utopian organization in local government?

Second, how will a system as bad as you suggest change when the change agents elected leave because they don’t like what they see. It is a proven fact that you can often change things much more efficiently from within that standing on the side lines.

Third, why did you waste your time and the municipality’s money getting on the ballot? It seems to me you did not do any due diligence prior to adding your name to the ballot.

If there is change why not stick around and see what you could accomplish from within rather than take your ball and go home because you don’t like the game?

Alex Currie

North Saanich