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LETTER: Keep off-leash restrictions to selective areas

There seems to be a concerted effort to reduce any off-leash dog walking in the Oak Bay and Saanich municipalities by a very few folks. We are regular walkers with our two dogs in Uplands Park, which is a very cherished and special place.

Over the past few years there have been areas that are cordoned off for growth/protection of sensitive fauna and, of course, a three-month ban for off-leash dogs during bird nesting season. We abide by those restrictions, as do I am sure, most of the regular dog walkers there. There doesn’t seem to have been an influx of new walkers in the park, despite the closure of the Cedar Hill Cross Road field, and the increase in new puppies.

The thought of “fenced” areas for dogs contravenes the enjoyment of this park, walking for both the owner(s) and the dog(s).

Why not continue with the selective area restrictions and time slots that seem to work. We as much appreciate the camas fields, native fauna and birds as most, and with well-controlled dogs, we can make this work.

Anne Linton

Oak Bay

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