LETTER: Island rail system needed to meet today’s needs

Although I admit to not having a thorough understanding of the history of Island Rail, I feel that it may be that very history that actually slows this idea from ever moving forward. It’s my impression that those who enjoyed the Island rail system from years ago, including nostalgic dreams of a classic train ride, may actually be preventing the idea of a more modern rail system in our future.

I for one do not support a tourist-style, once-a-day down island and back up, slow-moving, single-track rail system. However, if we were to move the discussion forward, let’s say to 2021, I do support a double-tracked electric light rail system with multiple trips per day up and down the island.

Secondly, as for the always confused state of Greater Victoria railway opinions, simply have the light rail start and stop at Langford where the rapid bus system is already in place to serve riders with connections throughout Victoria.

Collin Holstein

Mill Bay