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LETTER Grateful to Black Press Media reporter for telling the story about Fairy Creek

Thank you so much to Zoe Ducklow and Black Press Media for the perseverance it took to get to camp at Fairy Creek.

And thank you to Zoe and others for enduring hours of discomfort on a hot day on a dusty, rough logging road to get the story.

It’s the media, the elders, and the white middle-class folks with their kids that are standing in the way of more police abuses.

The people who refuse to be intimidated are making the difference. Getting the story out is what saves our civil rights and human rights.

I often think of a concentration camp in Germany where some housewives in the neighbourhood got brave enough to look over the fence. They were detained overnight and threatened. That sent a message to the rest of the community to ignore what was going on.

I went for a walk in Avatar Grove with friends this week. Police and private security checked us out and took a photo of our licence plate. I felt fear, not trust that I was being protected.

While we walked in the woods there were noisy police helicopters flying over us. I felt fear, not trust that I was being protected.

The all-in-black big hulk of a masked man looks scary to me. I’d sooner face a bear.

Right now I think police abuse and overreach is as big a story as saving old-growth forests. Please don’t back down Zoe and Black Press Media. Be there. Tell the story.

Bev Bacon