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LETTER: Floating wharf has additional costs under surface

Has anyone ever told Sidney council the true cost of installing this piece of floating bridge to replace the Sidney wharf? It seems it is being viewed as a permanent long-term solution.

This float would need an extensive anchoring system designed to hold it in place during the worst storms that can and do occur here. These anchoring systems have to be replaced every six to eight years due to corrosion and electrolysis … at what cost? Also, it would have to have an extensive system of zincs to stop electrolysis which must be changed every year … at what cost?

Most floating docks that are built today have an expected life of 40 to 50 years. This float is already 60 years old and even though it has been in freshwater, to expect another 40 or 50 years even with expensive maintenance is rather optimistic.

The cost of a 40- or 50-year upgrade of the current wharf would be a better alternative. It has always been a part of Sidney and should be saved at any reasonable cost. Rising sea levels won’t be a problem in this time period and using that as a reason for going to a floating dock does not make sense.

Doug Jordan

North Saanich