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LETTER: Chickens bring rats to neighbourhood

I wish to disagree with the advocate in your article “Advocate makes case for backyard chickens in Sidney” on two matters. First, I can affirm that chickens do attract rats and make noise. My neighbours have chickens and are fastidious about keeping their coop clean.

However, I have just paid Honda a substantial amount for the second time to deal with the problems caused by rats in my automobile motor. I have had a pest control company attend twice in the last couple of years and he stated that no matter how clean the chicken coop is kept, rats can smell the food and will be attracted. With regard to the noise, the chickens make very loud noise when they are laying eggs, I assume because it is particularly uncomfortable. I have friends three blocks away who have neighbours with chickens and they experience both rats and noise as well.

My second and more important concern, however, is the advice given to a child that bylaws are not broken unless someone complains. Perhaps that is the same opinion held by those groups of people that held large parties on Halloween during our COVID restrictions. As we have learned in the ensuing weeks, the virus spreads whether someone complains or not.

Additionally, professional organizations have bylaws that are expected to be adhered to by their members regardless of whether a complaint is received or not. Perhaps the son mentioned in the article will become a professional one day and will certainly fare poorly if he has taken his mother’s advice to heart.

R.W. Currie