Kudos, criticism for Woodwynn

PNR readers express their praise for Woodwynn Farms, others express dismay

Re: Woodwynn announces new partnership (News, July 11)

The partnership between Woodwynn Farms and Close to Home gives me hope that Central Saanich council will see what a treasure they have in their community. In fact, I think all the Peninsula councils should give active support to these two groups in their efforts to help the less fortunate in our community.

I live in North Saanich, but I believe decisions by any of our Peninsula municipalities affect us all. I feel embarrassed by the lack of support from Central Saanich council for Woodwynn Farms. All CRD municipalities should be jumping with joy that someone is trying so hard to help provide a learning opportunity and a healthy lifestyle for people in need.

At the same time Woodwynn Farms is offering an opportunity to participate in an activity that will bring benefits to the community at large. A more obvious reason to support them is that they want to actually farm that farm instead of leaving it as a hay field. Isn’t that the whole point of the ALR? To encourage farming the land? To grow food on the land? Let’s all cheer them on.

Francine Halle

North Saanich



As property owners and residents of the Mount Newton Valley, we sincerely hope Central Saanich council will proceed quickly to enforce the lawful removal of the illegal residents on Woodwynn Farms. The Central Saanich fire chief should also be involved as this makeshift housing does not conform to fire and safety regulations, or building bylaws.

Richard Leblanc claims his interpretation of humanitarianism exceeds the local bylaws. Do the actions of this one man outweigh the rights of the 16,000 residents of Central Saanich.

Rod and Judi Prewett




I just dropped off my cheque in support of Woodwynn Farms and I hope others will do the same. People ahead of misguided policies.

Give the homeless a new lease on life while they learn useful skills. Taking only two acres out of the almost 200 acres on the property to house the folks who can turn it into a real working farm, not just fields growing hay (like some estate owners do to get their farm status tax break), is the proper use for that valuable agricultural land. We need more real farmers to feed the masses.

Carolyn Herbert




I drive past Woodwynn Farms regularly, but see no farming, only a campground.

The municipality is being defied and bylaws need to be enforced on this illegal campground. Lack of action is dangerous, as the historical pattern in these situations is grim. They are a magnet for social problems and the people who would exploit them. Remember Occupy?

Policing becomes a continual problem. Consider liability. If council doesn’t enforce rules, what others can be disregarded?

Where and when does it end, and who pays? We all want the best for these people, but how is breaking the law “therapeutic?”

Mark Johansson

Central Saanich

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