Keating access better than Island View option

Improve access to Keating X Rd from Pat Bay Highway to benefit Central Saanich businesses

Re: Three options for road access to Tsawout unappealing (News, Feb. 17)

For years Central Saanich has needed an improvement to at least one of the access points to and from the Pat Bay Highway. Recently the provincial government has proposed that a special access to a new development proposal have a dedicated overpass just for the development.

This dedicated overpass would remove an important access in Central Saanich and be detrimental to other businesses in Central Saanich.

There is a logical solution that would serve the needs of the development and better serve the needs of the community. It appears highway planning in B.C. is driven by the desires of the developer rather than any consideration for the community.

The logical solution for all parties would be an elevated access for northbound traffic off the Pat Bay Highway onto Keating X Road and use an existing road to connect to a simple flyover to access the development.

This solution will be cheaper than a full blown intersection for the development and provide for a safer access into Central Saanich.

I have built a number of intersections on major highways. This solution would be not only cheaper, but would also serve the needs of the community, including the developer better at lower cost.

Norm Ryder

Central Saanich