It’s time to move forward in North Saanich

Reader comments on negative letters on the proposed increase in density in North Saanich

Some recent letters have commented negatively on the proposed increase in density in North Saanich. These views are too narrow and self-focused.

Neighbourhoods do evolve as needs change. Just because it was like this when we moved in does not preclude future change.

As a community we are part of that economy and must do our part. The Peninsula Chamber of Commerce and business groups have identified housing as an urgent need. That is a valid reason for looking at increased density and lower cost housing. Some will argue endlessly that we cannot guarantee that this housing will be occupied by local workers. That’s true. The fact is no one can. But if we do not allow increased housing options it’s a certainty that local workers will not live here.

Expecting that kind of certainty is ridiculous and a stalling tactic. Unless we are willing to opt out of the public services paid through  economic activity then let’s get on with building a forward looking municipality.

It’s time to move forward and open the doors to new folks. I urge our council to keep up this effort.

J. A. Tomminen

North Saanich