Inverted Sidney flag would have been more appropriate

Using Canadian flags to express displeasure at municipal measure was wrong move

Re: Upside down Canadian flag protests zoning move: resident (News, July 6)

I am writing to express my displeasure at the gross disrespect to our flag on the part of Ray Headrick on Canada Day.

He is correct that an inverted flag signals distress, but the use of a country’s national flag in that context is more appropriately associated with something major such as a threat to life or safety than for his disagreement with town council.

As has been stated, the status of legal non-conforming use has been used by municipalities for many years as a planning designation and nothing about that is new or unusual. Whether the current zoning bylaw is the correct one or not may be debatable, but the designation is a legitimate tool in the town’s arsenal.

If Mr. Headrick wants to argue the zoning bylaw on its merits he has the opportunity to appear before the appropriate town bodies to do so. There are also other forms of protest open to him and I encourage him to use them if he feels his ox is being gored. To disrespect our nation’s flag on Canada Day was disrespectful and wrong.  Perhaps he should have inverted a town flag instead.

Brad Franklin