Incoming Sidney council should consider pay freeze

Municipal salaries getting out of control, despite recessionary times

People need to ask themselves before Saturday’s municipal election (Nov. 19) how is my tax dollar being spent?

While I have respect for our municipal employees, I think a 13-per-cent increase in costs for the hourly paid staff (over three years) is pretty rich, but a 26 per cent increase in costs for management staff is unacceptable.

One wonders who’s in charge of our municipality.

I would expect the mayor and incoming council to consider a three-year freeze on wages and undertake a serious review of management salaries.

If the Sidney retail community enjoyed this sort of remuneration, we’d be out of business in six months.

The past three years have been tough on business, and residents living on investment income.

The Town should be cognizant of the local business economy and act accordingly.

Clive Tanner