Ignorance is bliss, but foolish

Reader warns about Woodwynn Farms’ homeless housing and public's right to know

Re: Woodwynn Farms’ homeless housing.

Creating hopefulness — words evoking a dreamy fantasy designed to pull at the heartstrings. And surely anyone who has a heart would jump at the chance to contribute to righting the wrongs of this world, especially in our own neighbourhood.

Such is the power of words.

Am I the only person perplexed by what has not been put into words? The facts.

Who are these investors? Who would put up $6 million for a 192-acre hay farm — ideally sited by in the ALR — then neglect maintenance of the farm buildings and fields? Where’s the return on the investment? Is this altruism or a canny business venture with a housing development in mind?

Who is Richard LeBlanc? What are his credentials and what has become of monies donated over the years?

The public deserves full disclosure.

Ignorance is bliss, but foolish.

Susan Wells

North Saanich