Higher education an investment, not a cost

Re:  Student debt is crushing (Comment, March 18)

Post-secondary education in Canada is an investment into the future; the government/taxpayer subsidizes 70 per cent, the student is responsible for the remaining 30 per cent.

Three decades ago, the government implemented strict regulations after graduate defaults and bankruptcy claims escalated, to avoid repayment of tuition fees.

University students love to compare our system to countries such as Germany or the Baltics, who provide free post secondary education; but do they? Most European graduates are not given their diplomas, exit visas, or passports, until they have completed a minimum of years (between five and 10) working and paying taxes in their professions. Recruiters promising large wages, entry bonuses, travel expenses, etc. pirated subsidized graduates forcing governments to restrict movement and to fight brain drain.

Perhaps Canada should update their student loan repayment schedules. However, I strongly believe that if students don’t wish to invest in themselves, why should the taxpayer invest in them?

Marlene Lewis