HELEN LANG: Campaign to save trees continues

Columnist sings the virtues of old trees on Oakville Street in Sidney

Today let’s start off with a message or two; Russell Nursery, 1370 Wain Rd. is, once again this year holding both wreath and centrepiece making classes. Please call them at 250-656-0384 to secure a time and a place.

Get out your good clothes, and hurry up and get dressed. Tonight is the annual Christmas party of the Peninsula Garden Club, being held at the Mary Winspear Centre. Have fun.

If you don’t want to hear another word about my Save the Trees campaign, please just turn the page, and enjoy the Christmas news and gift ideas.

I’m a bit hung up on this, as once they are gone, they are gone, to be replaced by another condo and several infant trees. These would take another 40 or 50 years to reach the same height.

(I’m pretty sure they heard my scream of anguish in Nanaimo when I found out. Well, maybe it was Duncan.)

Diana and I attended a Sidney council meeting on Dec. 5 to put forward our case, but council seemed convinced it was a done deal.

Nothing is final but death, in my humble opinion, so I’m going to battle on. I may end up in jail, but I’m sure one of you will bail me out. You will, won’t you?

Because I look out on these beautiful trees, you may think I am being entirely selfish, but this isn’t just because I prefer to look at trees rather than at another building. I love trees, no matter where they stand. There was a magnificent big tree on the corner of Bevan Avenue and First Street, which was axed several years ago.

I don’t understand how people can live with themselves when they destroy something so wonderous as a living, breathing tree, deliberately planted to improve the ambience in the town.

That bit about breathing is true. During the day trees collect harmful gasses, releasing oxygen during the night as a bonus. How lucky can we get?

Maybe we should just pave over, and build on Sidney completely, and get it over with. (Scream!)

Helen Lang has been the Peninsula News Review’s garden columnist for more than 25 years.