Harper’s politics did us no favours

Resident responds to previous letter praising Prime Minister Stephen Harper

Re: Harper’s leadership helped us through economic crisis (Letters, July 6)

I understand the writer is absolutely entitled to her opinion, but I have to wonder where Ms. Nattrass has been since 2008, never mind 2006.

A world financial storm was brewing in 2008 and during the election of that year Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his minions, including your hero (I assume) Gary Lunn, refused to acknowledge that crisis. In fact they bailed out our banks to the tune of $275 billion and refused to tell us about it, then had to prorogue parliament to avoid being booted out.

MP Elizabeth May tried with her delays, as you called them, to return some semblance of parliamentary process to Canada, but not according to Ms. Nattrass who obviously doesn’t want anyone but Harper to have any say in what happens here in Canada.

I suggest you try to read that so-called budget bill. There were, in both houses of parliament, in debates and committees, nearly 1,000 amendments proposed and not even one was considered by Harper and his “yes” puppets. Harper’s desire to change parliament would not allow that.

You obviously want a different Canada than I do, Ms. Nattrass, and unfortunately for the rest of us, you will probably get it. Let us hope for my grandchildren’s sakes that the damage is not irreversible.

To call Ms. May a buffoon when she has already done more for the Saanich Gulf Islands riding and for all of Canada than Lunn did in all the years he was at the trough is very partisan.

Oddly enough May is working for you too even if you did vote for Lunn and I do not believe she lied, cheated on election rules or used illegal robocalls, nor did she manipulate election finances to get elected.

If you cannot see through your rose coloured glasses to the incredible mess Harper caused to both Canadian democracy and to our standard of living which has steadily fallen whilst our national debt and deficit have risen since 2006, then maybe you cannot see we only have our ducks in a row in the Corporate Party of Canada’s eyes.

Sorry, Ms. Nattrass, as much as I would love to agree with you Canada is not even in the top 10 anymore, except in our disdain for the environment, and there we are definitely No. 1.

Jeremy Arney

Central Saanich

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