Harper’s leadership helped us through economic crisis

Re: Harper government eroding our values (Letters, June 27)

I am curious what kind of values Mr. Gee is talking about.

Does he support MP Elizabeth May, who did not think about the delays she caused with her attempts to admend the budget bill, or the new Quebec leader who speaks well, but never speaks of the mess in his own province? The media loves getting people all befuddled.

Was Mr. Gee not aware that Canada is the only country in the world that has been able to weather this financial mess? We have our ducks all in a row, thanks to Prime Minister Stephen Harper. He has to constantly deal with buffoons who will do anything to get elected.

Our PM is held hostage at times by decisions the opposition parties have made. Just be glad Mr. Gee, we live in Canada, and not the U.S., where it takes years to get changes made.

Canada is No. 1.

Eileen Nattrass

Central Saanich