Harper, Oda helped in Africa’s time of need

Stephen Harper, Bev Oda stepped up for relief in Africa

I went again to Africa, this year, in the spring.

It is the third year of the raging drought, and it’s a terrible thing. The president of Kenya gave us the famine alert.

And MP Bev Oda, she went right to work. Bev went o’er to the Horn of Africa and the Prime Minister acted fast, releasing funds for the starving. The Canadian International Development Agency needed more cash.

Canada is a caring country supporting famine relief, helping to stem the terrible grief of great hunger.

Thank MP Bev Oda and Stephen Harper, our Prime Minister. Your actions saved the lives of many children, women and men.

As we all sit down to turkey at our own Christmas table, please think about the starving and give what you are able.

Thank you for caring and bless you for sharing.

William Willbond

Central Saanich