Harper isn’t responsible for federal cuts

Cuts to federal programs aren't as bad as some have made out

We are living in a strange and rapidly changing world, where major economies are on the brink of default on their huge debts.

In Canada, anti-federal government voices are in the media almost daily even though we are on track to hopefully avoid the kind of Greek-style tragedy unfolding in Europe. Our natural resources will be our saviour in a world where the saviour options are few and far between. Our resource sector is the economic engine keeping Canada afloat.

Canadians are being force fed the (Opposition fabricated) idea that Canada will now have no environmental watchdogs or safeguards. All that with a minor reduction in government spending. That seems a little odd to me.

I also do not think Stephen Harper, who has been vilified by so many, has instructed the various government agencies where they should make cuts.

I believe many environmental regulations may have been too restrictive and cumbersome before the proposed budget bill changes and were causing legitimate resource development to be indefinitely stalled or reviewed out of existence by those who make it their business to oppose.

The stakes are high. Because of our natural resources and energy reserves, Canada has the unique ability to survive in a world where manufacturing is being sucked into. If Canada can survive with our standard of living mostly intact, we will be one of the few developed countries that will. Years more high deficits added to our large national debt and we will sink, like much of Europe.

Canada can be a society that has the financial resources to care for our rapidly aging population and have some significant influence internationally, or we can fade into economic obscurity, adrift and unable to finance our social programs, health care and educational systems.

Bill Wilson