Harper government eroding our values

Canadian characteristics threatened by profiteering federal government

Re: Democracy wilting in Ottawa (Our View, June 20)

That was the most polite way of saying the Harper government is screwing with Canadian values I have ever read.

At the top of the list of Canadian values, I believe, are caring for others and the environment. They actually go hand in hand, because as we wrestled our nation out from the wilderness, supporting each other was a necessity. Today, many aspects of the internationally recognized characteristics of being Canadian – things like universal health care and education, the protection of our food and the preservation of our diverse nature – are being threatened by a government hell-bent on throwing the individual aside and opening the flood gates to profiteering of all we value.

Here in the Saanich Gulf Islands riding I may be preaching to the converted; speaking to those who saw the need for responsible government and ousted the smooth talking status quo. But a reminder to us all: voice your opinions, take action and be loud and clear. Contact the (less than honourable) Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his puppet ministers, on a regular basis. It will indeed be a long few years and it is our responsibility to make it not end badly.

Frank Gee

North Saanich