Grant cuts to streams protectors gains negative attention

North Saanich resident wonders about where that municipality's grant in aid money is going

Your article, Peninsula Streams celebrates a decade of protecting our environment (News, July 18) reminds us of what an asset Peninsula Streams Society is to our community.

Consequently, the society’s many supporters were very disappointed when the new majority on North Saanich council (Team North Saanich and Coun. Ted Daly), over the strong objections of Mayor Alice Finall and councillors Celia Stock and Elsie McMurphy, cut by half the usual environmental grant in aid to the society.

Peninsula Streams has co-ordinated important stream restoration and habitat conservation in North Saanich and elsewhere.

It provides a popular interactive program for students in Grade 3 classes at nine local schools, teaching watershed education, Pacific salmon lifecycles and streamside restoration.

Peninsula Streams has a long established and well earned reputation for environmental and public service.

The North Saanich community has received very good value for the grants given, justifying council’s support.

While making this dramatic cut in aid to Peninsula Streams, the same majority on council found additional dollars to double a grant in aid to the Peninsula Celebrations Society – for a float.

Sheila Irving

North Saanich