Government should make Bill C-30 disappear

Review of Protecting Children from Internet Predators Act an attempt to 'supplant critical thinking'

Last week the federal government announced that it would be further reviewing Bill C-30 to address overwhelming opposition from the public. I see this as nothing but a stall tactic and an attempt to let the public’s outrage wane, once again.

This goes back to the government’s attempt to bury this policy in its omnibus crime bill and make it law without review, blatantly disregarding the legislative process.

They then separated the bill out in an attempt to appease public concern. When this failed they renamed the bill to the Protecting Children from Internet Predators Act in an attempt to supplant critical thinking with fear and a “with or against us” rhetoric.

This only served to fuel more anger.

The recent announcement that the bill will be scrutinized and rewritten is not what we are asking for. I am calling for the government to commit to scrapping Bill C-30 altogether.

Mike Joa