Good to know Hailey’s history before election

Information about Melissa Hailey's legal battles in North Cowichan would have been useful before Sidney municipal election

Re: Article on Coun. Hailey doesn’t tell whole story (Letters, Dec. 28)

As a candidate in the recent Sidney municipal election I can only wonder how the vote may have been different if all facts were presented about Coun. Melissa Hailey’s tenure as councillor in North Cowichan were disclosed to the  electorate, including legal costs involved in that district. Coun. Hailey states that it was North Cowichan council’s decision to proceed with legal action.

I would think that as a member of North Cowichan council, Hailey would have been aware that there was the possibility of legal action being taken against her and should have, as a trustee to the taxpayers’ money. Afterwards to run for re-election (and be defeated) is almost an in-your-face attitude.

As a voter I feel I should have been aware of this issue previous to the vote, in which case Hailey could have stated her side of the story. I can only hope in all fairness the Peninsula News Review knew nothing of this story before the election. This is not a story that will go away in three years.

Mike Barwick