Good and compassionless souls in Victoria

Man encounters people of the helpful and unhelpful varieties through injury

On Thursday, Dec. 1, I attempted to cross Johnson Street to move my vehicle from a two-hour parking area. In my effort, I tripped and fell and was unable to reach my vehicle.

In the meantime, my wife got there as the tow truck was about to tow the car away. My wife explained to the truck driver what had happened, and he immediately ran across the street and, with the help of three other people, carried me to the sidewalk.

While this was happening, the meter lady gave my wife a $60 ticket and made no attempt to call 911. My wife asked about the ticket and the woman’s response was “that’s not my job” and walked away. This added insult to injury. She had no compassion.

One of the people who assisted called for an ambulance and I was taken to Royal Jubilee Hospital and had major surgery on my broken knee cap.

I would like to thank Robin Bayley, Ali Romanow and H. Kanatrup, who stopped to assist me.

D. Berry