End the old ways

It’s true. Gary Lunn does not jeer and heckle during Question Period. Gary was raised like you and me — respect other people, help those that can’t help themselves, be kind, be polite.

Even Gary wouldn’t let his kids watch Question Period because it is so sickening to watch. Doesn’t it make you feel dirty to watch the attack ads on TV? Over 1,000 good people like Gary are running for election, all hoping to go down to Ottawa and make a difference.

Nothing will change because the leaders of the parties and their back room handlers like things the way they are. Our democracy has been hijacked. There is a solution.

When Elizabeth May rises to speak for all Canadians, the rubes will jeer, heckle and interrupt as they are instructed by their leaders. She will sit down. The speaker is obligated to ask for quiet. She will stand. They will heckle. She will sit. The speaker will ask for decorum as the rules require. She will stand. And she won’t speak until the heckling stops. She can do it. She will do it. Only then have we a hope in hell of ending the tyranny of the old line parties who have an agenda so far away from the ordinary people that we don’t even bother to vote anymore.

Fraser Smith,