EDITORIAL: Campaigns hit home stretch

Residents have plenty to think about this election

In the waning days of the election campaign, voters are looking at a variety of issues in the three municipalities.

Sidney’s issues may be less ground–shaking than those in Central Saanich and North Saanich, but they are no less important to residents.

Such things as improved signage, traffic flow and traffic safety may be on people’s minds before they head to the polls to select their choices for mayor and councillors.

In Central Saanich, the issues of revitalizing the Keating X Road business district — not to mention Saanichton — tightening up of the district’s finances and a possible revisiting of the owner-occupy rule for secondary suites are at or near the top of people’s lists, according to candidates who’ve been working the phones and knocking on doors.

In North Saanich, the disposition of Sandown Park is a major concern for residents worried about the former racetrack being developed.

Densification — building up rather than out — seems to be a common theme in all three jurisdictions, especially as it relates to the creation of lower-than-market-based housing.

Many residents worry that allowing more intensive development in certain areas would affect the ambiance and character of their neighbourhoods. That may depend on exactly what areas are targeted for higher density residential projects.

But the question for many is whether they want to see such a strategy utilized at all in their municipality.

Regardless of how individual voters feel about certain issues, they’re likely to find a candidate who agrees with them. But, this being election time, it’s up to voters to discern whether that agreement is based on beliefs and principles or simply a desire to secure votes.

Do some in-depth research and find out for yourself, so you can make an educated choice.