Donate as you will

The Star Cinema, another friendly commercial enterprise in Sidney, makes a unique contribution to the area

A particular News Review reader expresses disapproval of the support being received by the struggling Star Cinema. That writer seems to be offended by the fact that individuals are making donations of their own choosing to a cause they consider worthy.

Everyone may not visit the Star, but many do. They include residents who enjoy getting out now and then for a little entertainment, but because of age or lack of mobility, are unable to travel more than a few blocks.

Sidney is blessed. It is keeping its small town friendliness and warmth in the face of rapidly changing times and downturn economies.

But there’s only one cinema, and so many of us want it to succeed in this challenge.

The response so far to this free-to-choose fundraising event shows that. As a North Saanich resident, I choose to support it.

The other correspondent seems to be telling me that my support should go elsewhere (which it does in part already, as I’m sure with other contributors).

Please think positive — sometimes a rare attribute in this hectic era.

The Star Cinema, another friendly commercial enterprise in Sidney, makes a unique contribution to the area, and many of us are trying to see that it remains — and that’s our choice.

Brenda Whittingham

North Saanich