Density near airport doesn’t fly

Gary Lunn's proposal for East Saanich Road might make North Saanich a little Langford, reader says

There is a proposed high density development in North Saanich waiting to go through. It all started with the election of the new council in November. The first move from Coun. Dunstan Browne and Coun. Ted Daly was to remove Mayor Alice Finall from her rightful position of being the director of the CRD so Daly could take her place.

After that four councillors determined to reshape North Saanich took over.

Should North Saanich now become little Langford? It surely looks like it. Ted Daly & Co. are trying to push through a dense development proposed by Gary Lunn as quickly as possible.

The sales pitch of this high density development is that it would be “affordable” housing. Similar to earlier developments when everything was “green.” If they are really interested in helping the poor, why not donate the land to Habitat for Humanity – then I could believe their humanitarian thinking. This however, in my eyes, is nothing but a sales pitch.

To rush such a decision through without listening to the residents is unacceptable. This proposed development is a significant change to the official community plan – not a minor one, as Gary Lunn wants us to believe.

There should be stricter regulations for developers and the public has to have a stronger voice in decision making. But who is listening? It is essential that there is proper consultation with the public before making any decisions.

Hildegard Horie

North Saanich