CRD not creeping


The Capital Regional District is not creeping into municipal business on the Co-op application, which sits at third reading in Central Saanich and has been referred to the CRD.

The proposal had to be sent to the CRD because it calls for amendments to the regional context statement in our official community plan, as well as to the regional growth strategy. Central Saanich council decided that the best timing to refer it would be after third reading, which followed the public hearing.

Central Saanich referred the Co-op application to the CRD, and Central Saanich requested the amendments to the regional context statement which would permit us to go ahead with final adoption of the bylaws.

The referral of the Co-op application is in keeping with our commitment to the regional growth strategy. This is a completely separate matter from a motion moved by director Vic Derman in July and it is unfortunate that the distinction between the Central Saanich referral and Derman’s motion has not been stressed.

Through the adoption of the Central Saanich official community plan and the regional context statement in 2008, Central Saanich committed to the CRD amending process, should we wish to support projects outside the urban settlement area.

As with any agreement when one party wishes to change it, the change has to be approved by all parties involved.

Adam Olsen,

Councillor, Central Saanich