Councillor deserves slack for her performance

Elsie McMurphy's control forgivable; Sheilah Fea had her own issues on North Saanich council

Re: McMurphy showed little crowd control at rowdy meeting (Letters, Dec. 30)

Sheliah Fea neglects to tell us she bolted from North Saanich council in mid term when she found herself in a similar predicament and found herself incapable of dealing with the difficult tasks involved.

Fea makes no suggestions regarding how she herself dealt with a split audience on her first outing as chair of a council meeting, probably because she was never faced with such a challenge.

Coun. Elsie McMurphy acknowledged her newly elected status early on in the meeting, asked for understanding from the audience and promised to improve over time. Those who know her, know she will.

Fea suggests the answer was for Mayor Alice Finall to interrupt the meeting, as she believes  Coun. Ted Daly would have done when he was mayor, to berate each group of supporters in the audience.

All of which causes one to wonder why this letter ever saw the light of day. It is of little value except to illustrate that while editors may change horses in mid-stream, attitudes do not change with them. Here we go again.

Bryan Bailey

North Saanich