Council setting precedent with rezoning

Changes could impact North Saanich residents know and love says reader

The Sept. 17 meeting of the North Saanich council passed first reading of two bylaws that would, if adopted, be a precedent that could change the North Saanich that we know and love.

These bylaws proposed to rezone two properties from R2 to R1, allowing each to be subdivided into two residential lots, enabling the developers to double the number of homes on them. This is a first, and a precedent setting move to increase housing density in this way.

If these bylaws are allowed to pass they will change the official community plan that took years of deliberation and much community input to reach consensus. It will greatly increase the density of North Saanich over time.

I value the space, quiet and semi-rural quality here and I don’t want it spoiled. I don’t want my house devalued because I lose my view, my privacy or because my neighbourhood becomes more crowded. I don’t want the problems that come with increased density.

If you feel the same, please let your elected councillors know that you don’t want these precedent-setting development applications and bylaws to pass.

Ann Cooper

North Saanich