Consider more traffic calming

Less traffic less risk to all who use the roads, not only pedestrians.

Re: PNR letters July 11, Solution to East Saanich/Mt. Newton traffic.

The origin of the problem is partly the astounding number of east bound cars accessing Mt. Newton X Road at West Saanich Road headed for the Pat Bay Highway and vice versa.

Stop the abuse of the narrow (designated heritage) portion of Mount Newton X Road (MNX). Traffic can be reduced to a manageable flow if transit is less attractive. Less traffic, less confusion and a safer intersection for everyone.

Avoidance of the overpass at McTavish Road funnels drivers onto MNX Road It is now the Peninsula transit of choice for anyone on the west side to access the highway.  Every day it is worse. People drive at West Saanich Road speeds on a very narrow undulating road ignoring speed limits, blind spots, intersections, school zone, cyclists, pedestrians and hard-to-spot driveways. They arrive at East Saanich Road aimed at the highway with no thought to the cross roads.

Over-sized trucks make a mockery of signage advising no trucks on MNX Road between West Saanich and Wallace roads. They add to the volume of frustrated traffic. It all bottlenecks at East Saanich Road and Mount Newton X Road.

Lower posted speeds, a double yellow no passing line, speed bumps east of West Saanich Road at Thompson and west of Saanichton school, would  frustrate those who see MNX Road as nothing  more than a scenic unpatrolled highway access.

Speed bumps east of East Saanich Road would be more difficult due to legitimate commercial traffic.

To lower the traffic volume, enforce a 40 km/hr. speed limit on its entire length.

Make Mount Newton X Road an untenable alternative for those seeking a short cut and the municipality will not have to invest in another roundabout.

It is the old KISS principle:  Keep it simple. Paint, signage, speed bumps, police enforcement. Oblivious, confused or aggressive drivers who are inconvenienced will need to use care, or perhaps choose an alternate route.

Less traffic less risk to all who use the roads, not only pedestrians.

Karen Harris