Conservative’s response on robocalls sparks May’s concern

Elizabeth May says it's strange how Conservative rep answered News Review's questions about robocalls

Thank you for your help in raising awareness of the electoral crimes in Saanich-Gulf Islands in 2011. In the article, Bruce Hallsor, representing the Conservative Party in the riding, said such calls “would be the most ineffective method of voter suppression.” I have never accused anyone of being behind the calls. It was a crime and I want it solved.

Nevertheless, I was shocked by Mr. Hallsor’s argument that his party was not responsible for the calls rests not on the fact voter suppression is unethical and anti-democratic, nor that impersonating Elections Canada is illegal. He is quoted as saying “it is a ridiculous suggestion,” because it would be the “most ineffective method of voter suppression.”

Do we then conclude the Conservative Party endorses only very effective methods of keeping citizens from exerting their right to vote?

Elizabeth E. May

MP, Saanich-Gulf Islands