Co-op member sees tax hit ahead

Losing tax revenue from grocery store will affect Central Saanich residents

Re: Co-op member feels left out of development loop (PNR Letters, Nov. 9)

I wholeheartedly agree with the letter writer and have expressed the same concerns, via email to the Co-op board of directors.

To date, no one from Co-op has replied back or made any attempt to contact me. I, too, wonder why this new move was never put to the membership and agree, it is likely because it would have been voted down.

Not only will Co-op’s move to Stelly’s X Road disrupt the current country atmosphere, it will do so with a likely high financial burden to Central Saanich taxpayers. Stelly’s X Road as it is now will not accommodate the expected increase in traffic. It is a narrow road and pedestrians must be very cautious walking on the narrow shoulder.

As stated by Central Saanich council, a move to the Tsartlip land will result in a tax loss to our community of approximately $70,000.

Is Co-op going to pay for the necessary road widening or, the traffic signals that will eventually be required at either end of Stelly’s in order to accommodate the expected increased traffic volumes? No, it will most likely revert to we taxpayers.

Co-op will lease the land for the new store. Are there no properties big enough to lease in the nearly empty Keating area? Taxpayers of Central Saanich, express your concerns to both Co-Op and council. Your pocketbook will thank you.

Terry Albrecht

Central Saanich