Browne owes heritage commission an apology

Councillor Browne should apologize to the Heritage Advisory Commission

Re: Left in Limbo, PNR, Feb. 1.

I refer to the possible demise of the Heritage Advisory Commission (HAC) and the statement by Dunstan Browne, namely, ‘In my two years on council, I don’t recall much out of the heritage commission’ (PNR, Feb 1, 2013, pg. 6).

I strongly disagree with this view. I am also dismayed by the display of apparent ignorance, even arrogance, of Councillor Browne.

As a member of the HAC from October 2010 until January 2012, I can assure Councillor Browne that the HAC was very active and productive.

During my time, the HAC reviewed the 2007 Heritage Strategic Plan and then, as recommended in the implementation plan, prepared a 4,000-word document that outlined a strategic plan for 2012-2016.

This was presented to council in November, 2011 together with a positive three-page staff report prepared by J. Ho, the North Saanich Assistant Planner.

On January 16, 2013, the current council received and approved this plan. All councillors were in attendance.

Was Councillor Browne asleep?

As the former Dean of Science of a large research-intensive university in Canada, I know that the formulation of strategic plans is not always easy.

This is especially the case for North Saanich with its ongoing development and environment issues.

I judged the HAC document to be a valuable accomplishment by a group of dedicated volunteers interested in heritage issues and unbiased by political self-interest.

Councillor Browne should apologize to the Heritage Advisory Commission and all councillors should recognize the importance of heritage in North Saanich.

Hugh French

North Saanich