Bible a product of interpretation, not a divine creation

Definition of marriage different than what bible says

Re: Plenty of proof God disproves of gay marriage (Letters, Aug. 24)

What the writer of this letter is trying to say is that she disproves of gay marriage.

While I am impressed that she is able to quote biblical verse so well, the bible has always been a product of someone’s interpretation.

As we know, the bible is not a product of divine creation but a book written by several men in a language that has long been obsolete.

It has gone through several translations and interpretations. Who knows what has been changed and/or omitted.

There have been many heinous acts done in the name of religion all because of an individual’s interpretation of scripture.

The bible states that we should not judge one another.

We are a passionate people and in our zeal to be correct we often judge people most unfairly and unkindly.

A person’s sexual orientation does not change their ability to love or be loved.  The only thing that matters is that you are a good person.

The bible also teaches tolerance and asks that we love one another.

Instead of looking for some verse to justify a personal view, just accept each other and celebrate the diversity of the individual.

In conclusion, every marriage deserves a celebration.

A marriage is two people who have decided to enter a monogamous relationship. This should be celebrated.

Liz McBride

Central Saanich