Benefits of cycling deflate wear and tear argument

Cyclists produce no emissions and may not be as taxing on our health care system

Re: Cyclists should pay to maintain Peninsula roads (Letters, Jan 18)

If one’s premise is flawed, so too will be one’s conclusions. What B. Coey fails to appreciate is that funds for road maintenance comes out of general revenue, not just licencing or taxes from fuel. As the individuals who commute or recreate on bikes are tax paying citizens, they already pay for the roads on which they are legitimately entitled to be.

Given the amount of wear and tear inflicted on our roads from bicycles compared to motor vehicles, and the amount of pollutants produced from the ubiquitous fossil fuel burning hulks compared to the zero pollutants and health benefits of cycling (and the resultant lower burden on our health care system), perhaps the motorist should be subsidizing the cyclist. I suggest $40 a year to start.

C. Franks

North Saanich