BEEFS&BOUQUETS: Saanich Peninsula

I’d like to say thank you on behalf of my wife and myself ...

I’d like to say thank you on behalf of my wife and myself to Gurton’s Garage and to Mr. Turnbull the tow-truck driver who rescued us. Our car expired somewhere north of Victoria. Mr. Turnbull hauled car and us to Sidney with humour and professionalism. The gentlemen at Gurton’s somehow managed to replace a radiator and get us back on the road within a very short time.

Thank you, all of you, for your efficiency and hard work.

Ken and May McBeath


I know I speak for many people in Brentwood Bay when I say a huge thank you to Lori Sutherland, owner of the Dollar Den in Brentwood for the past 13 years. Many of us were sorry to say goodbye when Lori and her business partner John closed their doors after Christmas. Dollar Den was a supportive, helpful member of the local business community and Lori has always been a smiling, friendly face. The “Den” supported Music in The Bay by selling tickets to concerts, provided discounts and products in support of local non-profits and fundraisers and more. Even as she was busy selling off her stock and closing the doors, Lori took the time to provide supportive advice and assistance to another fledgling retailer. The store, its staff and Lori especially will be missed in our village. We wish her all the best in the future.

Alice Bacon and John Carswell


This is a bouquet to the Peninsula Co-op. In December, a young attendant at a Co-op gas station neglected to refit correctly the oil cap of my car. Consequently an oil spill issued, a warning sign appeared on the dashboard and the car had to be repaired to the tune of $982.38. I contacted the administration of the Peninsula Co-op, Mr. Humphries, with my problem and within days I received a cheque covering the entire bill, plus an extra credit of $50 for future purchases.

I found this very refreshing in our days to be dealt in such fairness and in such an expedited manner.

Annie Hill


Recently, while turning at the intersection of Third and Bevan Streets, the belt in my car broke which left me stranded outside with a friend who is unable to walk without the aid of a walker. She called Sidney Taxi on her cell phone; the cab was there within a very short time. Not only did the driver call a towing company for me,  he took my friend home with her walker and shopping and returned to check on me.

Because the tow truck had not yet shown up, he called them again.

Leaving to pick up another fare, he came back again 15 minutes later just as the tow truck arrived to the rescue.

This concern for a customer is typical of Sidney Taxi’s good service and caring attitude to its clients — bouquets and many thanks to (Steve) one of its drivers.

Pat Brown


A bouquet to the generous gentleman who donated back his 50-50 ticket winnings to help the Sidney and Peninsula Literary Festival bring in some top award-winning authors next October. We didn’t catch his name, but are very grateful for the donation.

Lorna Crozier and Patrick Lane gave very moving and sometimes humorous readings of their poetry on the 13th and we’d like to thank the community for their support.

Sidney and Peninsula Literary Society


To the owners of oil leaking junkers, get it fixed or get it off the road!

Jeff McBride



On behalf of the volunteers at the North Saanich Dog Obedience Training Club, thank you to the News Review and Beacon Community Services for the Hearts of the Community Volunteer Award we received this year.

Rod Deacon


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