People give thanks to others in and around the Saanich Peninsula

A huge bouquet to the many students of Bayside Middle School who gave of their time to visit us with gifts of hand made message cards and Hershey Kisses. You showed us that youth cares.

Thank you girls for your visits, they will not be forgotten.

The Residents of Twin Oaks Village

Oodles of bouquets to the Saanich Peninsula Hospital’s day surgery staff, nurses as well as the Endoscopy Unit O/R nurses for the care they rendered with toasty blankets and  calming, soothing assurances.

Thank you to Irma, Bonnie, the nurse with the Brown Smiles organization heading to Rwanda and to others whose names I cannot remember.

Anne Ruttan

A week ago I was filling up my gas tank at Co-op on Keating X Road and I was having trouble with my credit card and their machine.

Needless  to say I was getting frustrated and I had my two young grandsons in the car ready to head for the Salt Spring Ferry.

While I was standing there, a youngish lady (I noticed she had two wee children in her car) came and put $40 cash on the counter and told the attendant she would pay for the gas.

I have never experienced kindness like this before. She was wonderful and since then I have been to my bank and straightened out the matter.

I had never seen this lady before and thought I should let your paper know that there sure are still  wonderful people in the world.

Bev Grooms

I have required several outpatient services in the last few months from the Saanich Peninsula, Victoria General and Royal Jubilee Hospitals. All of my experiences have been very positive, with services being provided quickly by pleasant and professional staff. I have been very impressed and thankful for the treatments I have received.

Susan Bauer