Article on Coun. Hailey doesn’t tell whole story

Story of Buckley the horse didn't present things as Sidney councillor sees them

Re: The good, the bad and the horse (News, Dec. 14)

I’d like to refute some information in the article.

First, I did ask then-mayor Jon Lefebure and the clerk Mark Ruttan before I purchased Buckley and they did not express any concerns at the time. They have admitted this in public.

The assertion that I contravened the bylaw has never been proven, nor has it been shown that I was keeping a “farm animal.”

The term farm animal is not defined in the bylaw, but the common definition is an animal kept for profit or use.

A miniature horse is commonly defined as a companion animal or a pet, which is permitted under the bylaw.

It is good the article points out the cost to the taxpayers of North Cowichan; but it is misleading to attribute those costs to me or my actions as it was council’s decision to take legal action against me – a case that they never successfully concluded and have never shown to have any merit.

You also failed to note that the legal action resulted in a significant cost to me and damage to my reputation, which your article has perpetuated.

Melissa Hailey

Sidney councillor