Area no longer rural

I totally agree with Alex Apouchtine (Food store better than more estates PNR Letters May 11) that we have enough huge houses with gates out here. On the other hand, Roni Anderson (Co-op hears public debate PNR May 11) says that rural is what Central Saanich has to be.

I personally find it ironic that the Peninsula News Review put this Co-op debate article right above the notice for the new fire hall. It will be built just around the corner on Keating, adjacent to the the back of the purposed new Co-op store. This is not a rural area anymore.

On the four corners of Keating and West Saanich, we already have the Co-op Gas Bar, Midas Muffler, Smitty’s Restaurant, Butterfly Gardens, a garden nursery and the huge advertisement sign for Butchart Gardens. With all the businesses there, it is not rural and it is the perfect location for our much needed new Co-op grocery store.

Fairway has moved into Brentwood and is fixing up that store, to open in the next while. Meanwhile, after being a member of the Co-op since 1982, I would much rather shop at the Co-op than at Fairway.

We also keep hearing about all this land out here needing to be farmed, but just who is it that is going to do it? Seniors aren’t going to start farming and the younger generations don’t know how to, plus you can’t make a living at it. You can’t stop development, so why not plan for it and the new Co-op is a step in the right direction.

J. Henderson,

Central Saanich