Are taxpayers on hook for market debacle costs?

Sidney taxpayers will have to pay for legal costs related to Sidney summer market management ouster

Re: SBA fights back with legal letter to Sidney (News, May 2)

In the last few days it has been widely reported that there is conflict over the operation of the market, leading to the removal of the SBA from the job of administering the event.

I have yet to see any comments in the media about or from council about the incredible success and growth of the market and a show of appreciation to the several volunteers. Without their dedication, the operation would have failed years ago.

We have seen in at least one media report that there is a possibility that legal action may be taken by all or one of the parties involved. What the heck is going on with the great minds in the business community, in the town administration and on our council?

It seems that apart from the visitors having a good time at the market, they are exposed to every business and benefit in the community. That includes real estate, restaurants, stores and services of all types.

You might notice I have not figured out or mentioned any benefits to residential taxpayers. Ah, the poor residential taxpayer. Isn’t it ironic that the people who benefit least from the market are the ones that might have to pay for the greedy, silly participants in the conflict?

Gerry Scaife