Adding 30 costly MPs inefficient, excessive

Canada doesn't need more MPs in a time of budget cutbacks

Parliament has added another 30 MPs costing an additional $1.44 million each or $43 million dollars. This expenditure was passed lightening fast by the Canadian Senate. We now have 338 MPs representing 35 million people or 104,000 constituents each. The Senate gave no sober second thought to this expenditure.

The United States have 314 million people and 435 federal representatives representing 722,000 constituents each. They limit the proliferation of federal representatives to 435 and reapportion these representatives based on population. They also have 100 Senators who represent 3.4 million people each. U.S. politicians compared to Canadian politicians are effectively the best politicians money can buy.

Our current form of government lends itself to dictatorial power, making a mockery of electing great numbers of powerless MPs and appointing politically toady Senators to sycophantically bless a Prime Minister’s agenda.

The politicians are in a conflict of interest; they won’t limit their costly, inefficient use of the political system.

We need more services and less politicians. It is time the people took back the power of governance.

Harry Atkinson