A piece of the Sidney zoning solution is still missing

Reader says Sidney too quick to read through bylaws

Once again the administration and council in Sidney are rushing through a bylaw with little evidence that anyone has taken time to analyze the potential impact of the changes that are being proposed.

At the extraordinary meeting held July 23 council rushed through two readings of a bylaw that was intended fix the problem of legal non-conforming residences in the new multifamily zones (RM5, RM6 and RM7). Under the new bylaw single family dwellings will once again be permitted on lots where they currently exist.

However, in the list of properties that are being rezoned, they have included a significant number of duplexes.

Surely someone in administration or on council should have been able to realize that a two family dwelling on a lot that was zoned for a single family or for three or more families is non-conforming.

So will council have to rush through yet another zoning bylaw in response to the threat of a law suit from a duplex owner or will they take the time to think about what they are doing now?

John Morrison