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July 24, 1948 - June 5, 2024

In loving memory ~

Mary Jane ("MJ") was born in Brockville ON to Reg & Jean (Chuter) Thompson and was the eldest of their five children. With all her activities and work inside and outside the home, she especially loved playing piano. At age 18, shortly after meeting her husband-to-be, MJ entered the 3-year nursing program at Kingston General Hospital and at graduation was their Class Valedictorian. A number of her fellow nurses became lifelong friends.

During her 2 years working at Peterborough General Hospital, MJ married Dave and they began planning for the future. Two months after moving to the Brockville area, their first child (Maggie) was born, followed by Andy 18 months later and Sarah 18 months after that. With 3 babies in 3 years and living in their century-old country house that needed major DIY renovations on a very tight budget, MJ was up for the challenge. After 9 years in "the old house in Escott", we moved to London ON while Dave completed his business education and then relocated several times due to his career ... 2 years Mississauga, 1 year Richmond BC, 3 years Mississauga again and then to Winnipeg. Throughout these moves, MJ completed a university Science degree, worked part-time, and kept the family glued together.

The 9 years in Winnipeg were very special. After once saying "never again" to major house renovations, we did it again to our much-loved 1912 house on Grosvenor Avenue. The city, full of life and character, was thoroughly enjoyable despite the long, deep winters. MJ loved her "dream job" overseeing nursing during the off-shifts (evenings, nights, weekends) at Misericordia General Hospital and worked tirelessly to help save it from the political forces that ended up closing the hospital. It was time for a new challenge.

We moved to Vancouver Island in 1998. MJ oversaw construction of our Lochside home while Dave commuted to Winnipeg (which he continued for 15 more years), making hundreds of decisions and making it her dream home. 7 years later, it was time for another move, to nearby Sidney.

There were other real estate adventures that followed (some good, some not-so-good) but time was made for MJ's other passions. These included frequent trips to Manitoba & Ontario, cruises (especially QM2), travel (especially England), being lucky (Vegas slots), looking after the poodles and spending time with visiting friends and family.

MJ led a very busy and active life until health issues occurred, then greatly worsened by a back injury from a slip+fall accident at a swimming pool in Banff, 5 years ago. Although she never lost her sense of determination and independent spirit, mobility and comfort continued in the wrong direction until the ambulance was called.

Throughout her final evening, night and morning, Dave, Maggie, Andy and Sarah were by her side, sharing many funny stories, vivid memories and tears until the time came for her final good-bye. We were grateful to have had that final opportunity and shared experience. MJ's was a life that was full and she made the world a better place.

MJ is survived by her husband of 54 years, Dave, daughter Maggie, son Andy, daughter Sarah, daughter-in-law Jennifer, son-in-law Chris, grandchildren (Rachel, Trey, Abby, Jack, Layla, Henry), brother Bob (+Wendy), sister Jennifer (+Andy), brother David (+Marianne) and many other relatives, friends, and acquaintances.

Feel free to think of MJ when you hear one of her favourite songs ... "Stay, Just A Little Bit Longer". We wish she could have.