Sidney Coun. Kenny Podmore and Robyn DoSouto

Sidney Coun. Kenny Podmore and Robyn DoSouto

Thrifty’s rescues Sidney community dinner

Thrifty Foods will host Sidney Days barbecue this summer

Thrifty Foods will grill dinner this summer in Beacon Park and the Sidney Lions Food Bank will come out the winner.

The Sidney grocery store will take on the community dinner, throwing a barbecue, to coincide with the opening of Sidney Days.

“They’re going to pretty well pick up everything, which is quite amazing,” said Kenny Podmore, the town councillor assigned to see if the community dinner could continue.

“It’s going to be a community barbecue in Beacon Park on Canada Day eve,” Podmore said. “We need to be cleared up and ready for the group to move in and do the opening ceremony.”

The feast was at risk when the service group running it couldn’t continue this year. Thrifty Foods picked up the bill.

“I just didn’t want it to die. It can’t go away, it’s so important,” said Robyn DoSouto, manager of the Sidney store. “People look forward to it. It’s just great for our community. If this dies, what next?”

Councillors will be there serving alongside MP and MLA dignitaries.

“It’s important for the community, but I’m excited for the food bank as well,” DoSouto said.

Net proceeds from the community barbecue will go to the Sidney Lions Food Bank.