Stolen Canadian flags shows serious disrespect: resident

War veteran loses three flags from lawn display in Canada Day theft

A war veteran from Saanichton is calling for a bit of respect after a Canada Day theft.

Ed Widenmaier, who lives on Wallace Drive, had 25 Canada flags flying on his property on July 1. But overnight Sunday, three were taken.

“The desecration of Canada’s symbols is not a good policy for Canadians to be doing,” Widenmaier said.

At 12:40 a.m. on July 2, Widenmaier’s security cameras captured five suspects allegedly taking three flags.

Widenmaier said it’s not the cost of the flags that bothers him, it’s the disrespect toward our country.

“I hope these people and their friends read [this article] to realize it’s not a very respectful thing to do.”