Signs of farming

North Saanich updates agricultural signage rules

The guidelines are opening up around agricultural signage in the District of North Saanich.

Council approved changes to the bylaw to allow for more signage for traditional and non-traditional agricultural uses in the district.

“This is one of the earliest discussions we have had with respect to assisting people who are in the business of farming. The current bylaw is very limited and has made it very difficult for that type of business to advertise adequately,” said mayor Alice Finall. Previously, she noted, farmers were not to have signs because they were not considered a business.

“This is a good move. It demonstrates a support for farming and growing as a business, as an economically viable endeavour,” agreed councillor Cairine Green.

Changes in the bylaw will allow those in traditional agriculture — defined as lands with BC Assessment Authority farm status or in the Agricultural Land Reserve — one sign per street fronting the property to a maximum of two signs up to 1.86 metres squared with a top height of 1.53 metres.

Seasonal farm signage just over a half-metre squared will be allowed seasonally, for up to 11 months of the year.

Non-traditional agricultural use, defined as farming and agricultural use on properties without BC Assessment Authority farm status and not in the Agricultural Land Reserve — will be allowed one sign with up to two 0.56 metre-squared face areas.

The bylaw amendments got three readings by council on July 18.