SBA to be pulled from Sidney market again

Town of Sidney gives SBA six months notice of termination of contract

The 2012 Sidney summer market on Thursday nights will continue for the season

The 2012 Sidney summer market on Thursday nights will continue for the season

The Town of Sidney is for the second time stepping between the summer market and the organization that runs it.

In April, town council terminated the contract that allows the Sidney Business Association to run the market, as it has done for 12 years. When the SBA’s lawyer presented potential legal costs to the town, that decision was reversed.

On Wednesday, the town gave six months’ notice to the SBA of the cancellation of their contract – a move in line with an agreement signed by both parties last fall.

“After careful consideration, Sidney council has decided to terminate the existing agreement with the SBA and in doing so provide them the required six months’ notice,” Mayor Larry Cross said. “A key objective of Sidney council is to maintain the Sidney summer market and ensure its long-term success and sustainability. With this in mind, the town wants to work with the entire business community in unifying the energies in our downtown into a single, strong voice and the market is a critical component in achieving that objective.”

Chief administrative officer Randy Humble said the town will issue a request for proposals from other organizations. They’ll also meet with members of the SBA, the Saanich Peninsula Chamber of Commerce, the Sidney Merchants’ Co-op and the newly formed Sidney Business Development Group discuss the market’s future.

The SBA declined to comment until its board could meet after the News Review’s deadline today, July 6.

The town says this move will not disrupt this summer’s market. The Sidney summer market started June 7 and runs until the end of August, from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. every Thursday.


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