Residents balk at another cellphone tower in Central Saanich

WIND Mobile tower could deface, devalue rural land, neighbours say

Residents worry the proposal for a second monopole near Highway 17 will lower property values in the area.

A public hearing earlier this month for a pair of monopoles – one existing and one proposed – revealed nothing but concern from the dozen people who attended.

The application is to rezone land at 6485 Gliddon Rd. to public utility to build a 29 metre tower with an array of antennae north of an existing tower on the property. It would also retroactively allow for the existing monopole that was constructed more than 12 years ago without municipal approvals. The land is zoned A1 agriculture, but is not in the Agricultural Land Reserve.

“We’re just seeing the tip of the iceberg when we add another tower,” said resident Bill Jackson. He pointed to the beauty of rural Central Saanich. “I’m opposed to defacing it, devaluing it, seeing these things in our beautiful skyline. The property owner is the only one who gains for this.”

Seven people opposed the application citing property values, view and the potential for unknown health concerns. Some suggested better camouflaging would be necessary should the tower be approved.

WIND Mobile, who made the application, say the new telecommunications facility would provide increased wireless service to the area.

Council gave the bylaw third reading Tuesday, May 22. It will come back for final adoption.