Police BRIEFS: Cab fare evaded, new police app introduced

Central Saanich Police Service briefs from the last week

Cab fare evaded

On Sept. 28, Central Saanich police responded to a call around 5:30 p.m. that a man had evaded his cab fare.

The taxi driver told police the man had open liquor in the cab, and even after he had asked him to put it away, he was still drinking. Moments later, the man ran from the taxi without paying his fare but mistakenly left behind his driver’s license.

A short while later, police got another call from a citizen reporting they had seen a man lying near the roadway on Mount Newton X Road near the Pat Bay Highway. When police attended the scene, they found the passed-out man bore a significant resemblance to the man in the photo on the driver’s license that had been left in the taxi.

The man, a Peninsula resident, was taken into custody for the night to sober up, and was released in the morning, when he paid the outstanding cab fare.

Police deliver new app

Central Saanich Police Service has launched a new online Crime Mapping system that is available to the whole community.

With the new app, police incidents are mapped and uploaded every 24 hours to the online program.

The events are carefully screened to protect privacy, however, mapping them will provide the community with relevant neighbourhood crime data, said Chief Constable Paul Hames.

“Providing reliable, timely information to our citizens is one of our top priorities, because an informed public is a safer public,” he said.

Visit the Crime Mapping program at www.cspolice.ca or download the free Crime Reports app from the iTunes store.